PHILIPPINE showbiz's hottest love team, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, and versatile actress Iza Calzado are taking over the big screen with the most awaited, must-see romantic movie of the year, "One True Love."Dingdong Dantes is Migs, childhood friend and long-time boyfriend of Bela portrayed by Iza Calzado. All is well in their relationship until Bela's family decides to move to another country. The couple struggles to keep their long distance love affair and eventually decides to go on separate ways.Migs then meets and falls in love with Joy, a pretty albeit simple nurse played by Marian Rivera. Days pass and his feelings for Joy grow deeper while his affection for Bela gets buried in the past. He offers marriage to Joy, which shatters Bela along with her hopes for a reconciliation with Migs.With her heart on her sleeve, Bela flies back to the Philippines determined to recapture the heart of her first and only love. As this proved to be a difficult undertaking for Bela, Migs also finds himself struggling with his options-to return to his first love or to move on with the present and leave his past behind?It's a choice between Bela, Migs's first love whom he has known since he was very young, and Joy, a girl whose undying love has done nothing else but to inspire and bring him back to life.Three of the brightest stars today bring to life this compelling tale of romance and finding one's true and everlasting love.For the first time, the phenomenal love team of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera pair up on the silver screen along with highly talented actress Iza Calzado-a combination truly worth looking forward to.One True Love is another co-production of GMA Films and Regal Entertainment and is directed by Mac Alejandre

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